Problem communicating with LoRa Wio E5 mini


I’m currently trying to get started with the Wio-E5-mini, but I am having troubles communicating with using the AT commands. At first I got a response using the provided AT commands, but whatever command I sent it was pre:

'+INFO: Input timeout`

before the response for whatever command I put in. For example, if I simply input:


I would get the output:

‘+Info: Input timeout

I found in the AT command specification for the board that I coud disable the timer, hoping it would solve my issues, but now I can’t turn on timeout again or get a response to any AT command. I have tried using the command:


to reenable timeout, but it doesn’t work. The board is however functioning and I can switch between the different modes when PB13 is high or low. So I can for example keep the board in the bootloader by setting PB13 low and pressing boot then rst so that the character “C” is sent.
I have also included an image that shows what happens when I try to use the AT-commands.


What happens is that I write for example AT and then I wait for a response, but I don’t get one. The only way to get a response is to send something else like ^[[A^[[A at which I get:+AT: ERROR(-24).

I then try including at the end of my command, but it doesn’t change anything.

What might be the problem here? Can I reset the settings somehow outside of the software?

Thanks for your time!

You didn’t indicate what terminal program you use but probably not a good one !! If you are on Linux you can do that with minicom for example, on Windows Hyperterminal should be your friend :wink: