Problem / Ardupy / Visual Studio Code / IDE

I’m trying to use the VSC IDE. Successfully loaded the extension; get the menu bar at the bottom with the plug icon. When I click on it nothing happens.

Also for reference I installed the aip command line and it finds the serial port and loads programs. It would be nice to use VSC tho.

Hi @mcolacino

For now, the Ardupy is still in the development phase, the backend - ardupy-aip(cli) should be working fine. The VSC plugin is actually based on the ardupy-aip, but we are currently working to re-sturcture our software in VCS to make it easier. So people who use the VSC plugin don’t need to see the terminal coding.

We are updating the VSC plugin and hopefully it should be launch very soon.

For now, you can use ardupy-aip to work with ardupy :slight_smile:

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Same trouble as above. Any update as to when the Ardupy IDE will be available?

We are having an update for Ardupy right now and currently being tested internally. We will release the new versions as soon as we tested and hopefully fixed more bugs :smiley:

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Any further updates on ARDUPY and VSCODE issues?

Hi ansonhe97.

Will there be any updates to ArduPy in the near future. Your last response was in Jun 2020.