Probe connector on mine is a SMB ??

It looks like an industry standard SMB connector, which is great. I can’t find 10X probes that have that connector. Hope some become available, but it will be a little problematic, I think. The input impedance looks like it will vary, depending on the V/cm scale you’re using, by looking at the schematic. Hence, the 10X probe will not be looking into the expected impedance to actually be 10X. It will be off by a bit. Full sized scopes are 1M ohm input on all setting, which is why they can change probes to get 10X. Still useful, but need to know the limitation, there. Irv

No, its an industry standard 3,5mm headphone connector :wink: You have to buy seeedstudios 3,5mm->BNC to use standard probes.

Yours might be, and every one I see in the pictures is, but mine is an SMB. The probe is very professional looking, like any Tek or HP probe you’ve seen, but it has a SMB connector on the end. I suspect I have the latest upgrade and it hasn’t been described, yet. Irv

Did you buy it from seeedstudio? There are copies out there, look here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=714

I have the same. It has an MCX connector with x1/x10 professional probe. It´s the Hardwareversion 1.5 from e-Design. Thats the original DS0201!

Yes, mine says E-Designs on the back. The probe is 1X. No switch or anything to go 10X. I thought DSO Nano was DSO Nano, but apparently, there are more than one version, or company?? Irv

I’m not sure of the clones, but they appear in the market sooner because of open source. We are the original manufacture authorized by the designer Mr. Bure (aka Cai Xiaoguang which printed on the box), he will get a portion of the sales to support continuous improvement and also appreciation. You are encouraged to make mutants or hack DSO nano with other purposes, and we will consolidate great ideas along the way. :slight_smile:

SMB is a good idea, but we had tested it with no obvious improvement but bring difficulties for less common interface. For example you couldn’t plug a microphone into DSO nano easily then, or use a professional oscilloscope probe with simple converter. Please correct me if wrong, we are also keep looking for the best way to do things. Thanks!

Someone pointed out that the e-designs unit is a mcx connector, which is fine, but not very standard. I think the 1/8 jack is fine for up to 1 MHz but a SMA would be better, since professional probes can be purchased for SMA. Also, if you put a buffer in there to create a constant 1 Mohm for all ranges, then an external 10x probe would work properly. Irv

I didn’t realise there were different clones until I bought one on eBay and then noted the probe and connector was different too!

Anyway, I found that you can get converters to change the MCX connector on the e-Designs models to a range of standard connectors (BNC male/female etc etc).

See here:



Or here:
Adaptors Link

MCX BNC adaptor.jpg
MCX BNC adaptor Datasheet.jpg