Printing a variable String on OLED

I’m trying to take in strings from serial and print them to the 128x64 OLED with putString, but I have not found a way to properly convert to the “const char” argument, so it will not allow me to print. On that note, I haven’t found a way to print variable strings at all. Any suggestions?

I found what I was doing wrong. I had an error in how I had written my pointer. For anyone who has made similar mistakes, here is what I did:
</s><i> </i>#include <SeeedOLED.h> #include <Wire.h> #include <avr/pgmspace.h> const int arr_length = 10; char incoming[arr_length] = "NoRet"; //initializing incoming array holder char character; char *ptr; //then in the loop had ptr = incoming; <e>

I also deleted the ‘const’ from the function putString in the SeeedOLED.cpp/.h files.