if Seeedstudio and iteadstudio using the same fub. why price so different?

PCB Qty. 10 PCB Layer 2 5cm Max*10cm 0.8mm Black ENIG

Seeedstudio = $59
iteadstudio = $47

also shippng

Seeedstudio =

United Parcel Service (1 pkg x 0.370kg total) (UPS Worldwide Express Saver) $45.02
DHL (Shipping to US. Weight 0.37kg) $35.45

iteadstudio =

DHL $26.00
UPS $29.00

I really what to use Seeedstudio but price?

Hmmm… i am not sure if itead studio is using the same supplier as ours…
But if they charge 47 dollars for this 0.8mm enig 5*15 board with our suppliers, they are losing money…

not 515… it’s 510…

but maybe price for boards is close and ok fo me… But what about almost 2x Shipping charges??? any way to correct it???