Precute paper schematic


Is it possible to get the schematic diagram of Rephone Kit Create precute paper somewhere ? I got the kit, and would like to make other enclosures with my cutting plotter.


I’d like this too (diagram of the precut pattern for the phone case in cardboard).

Charlie in Houston

That’s a great idea. I’d also like to see a pattern for the larger, (or longer case), version as well. I saw an example of one in the video Seeed made for Kickstarter. I would love this to house my components from the expansion kit. The regular case isn’t big enough for the extra modules.

Mayber I’ll try to create one myself from the small case and post it somewhere here. With Seeeds permission of course.

Well tge original should be improved a little. Some of the rivets hit paper, making the construction fatter, and also the thickness of the mainboard is not considered.
And the audio board is closed inside, so a smaller hole would come handy at the backside.

Hi, we’ve uploaded the file to the thinginverse, check here:

THANK YOU for posting this 2d pattern to Thingiverse.

Charlie in Houston