Pre K Question - Arduino IDE

Hello all,
I have a very basic question about what to expect after updating the and installing the Arduino IDE. I got all excited to get going after receiving my rephone and wanted to get going with Arduino code so I followed the instructions on the wiki page. And my screen is just blank. Is this the way it should be? Here are the steps I took.

  1. I installed the driver. (I am using Windows 7)
  2. I updated the firmware. (It said it was successful)
  3. I dragged the RePhone_Create_Kit_VXP file into the mass storage.

At this point the screen was just blank when I turn on the rephone.

  1. I re read the instructions and it said

  2. Copy everything under the file named “RePhone Create Kit VXP” into the RePhone 5MB mass storage
    I just dragged the entire folder into the mass storage as my computer would not let me open the vxp file as it did not know what to use, so not sure what was meant by everything under?

  3. So is it possible to have the screen the way when it was shipped and use arduino code to make changes? Or is the whole point to wipe everything clean to start with Arduino? Anyways, some simple direction would be appreciated.

Hi there:
Yes, after uploading the Arduino firmware, you lose the default UI; it works only as a Arduino should. Anyway, if you upload the LDisplay example, you can turn on the display again and try some graphic functions.

Best regards,