Pre assembled rainbowduino glitches...


I received my pre build rainbowduino today. Got everything up and running but 4 LEDs do have som glitches (the blue color wont work unless some pressure is made at the board). As mentioned this does only affect the blue color and the leds:

Z=2 Y=0 X=2
z=2 Y=0 X=0
Z=2 Y=2 Y=2
Z=2 Y=2 X=0

Where should I seek on the construction to find the fault? (I guess I could spend some time on the schematic to figure this out but since it was pre assebled Im to dissapointed that it is some problem at this moment :wink: )

Hope anyone here might have a clue!


Dear customer,

Sorry for that happen to you, can you use jumper wire or other lined to connect Blue pin from other LED pin. It can check what problem with it.

Sure,where do you want me to try to connect it then?

They do work correctly if i push the bottom pcb in two of its corners (push it downwards the table)…

What your mean push the bottom pcb in two of its corners? It mean Blue color can show up?If can provide a picture is better.
And Led has 4pin, just jump any wire for one pin to supply power(3.3v), check the LED work find.Jump from other LED is a easy way to supply 3.3V power.

Yes the 4 LEDs do work properly. If i apply some pressure on the corners (will send pictures in a few hours when I get home) the 4 LEDs work as they should so it seems that there is some glitches on the cube since they will work If I apply pressure on the right spot…

Picture is better, but I thought may be LEDs are poor contect.
So if you can re-solder would be the best way for solve your problem.

Sry havnt had time to send any pictures :S But last night I had my solderstation fired up dore some other projects and I thought that ill try to fix this.

The problem was a few starved solder joints in the led matrix ends so now everything seems to work!