Powering Wio Terminal via GPIO

Can we get more specifics on the power in/out of the GPIO header? I can power the Wio Terminal by supplying 5v to GPIO pin 2, correct? Is there any overcurrent protection this way? What is the max current it can handle?

indeed 5v to pin 2 is ok

schematics (pdf) are here at bottom page


I have been powering my WIO Terminal via 5v a USB charger without issue for about a week now.

I cut the end off a USB charging cable and soldered it to an RPI Connector.

As long a the output is 5 volts and the polarity is right there should be no issue.


Are you able to power it through the bottom ports not the usbc but the other two ports on the bottom? If it has to be the usbC connection can I splice a cable and just apply 5V to it or is there some communication that needs to occur? I want to be able to use the magnets to stick it to a wall.