Powering GPRS shield from battery

I am using the GPRS shield with Arduino Uno. The GPRS shield works perfect when I power the Arduino from my computer over USB cable. However, when I try to power it from a battery, the GPRS turns off after a few seconds. I guess that the battery is not providing enough power/current (LiPo 850mAh, 3,7V)
Any hints about how can I get Arduino Uno and GPRS shield powered from a standalone battery?
Can I use a separate battery to power the GPRS shield independently through its dedicated battery plug?

the voltage source need to supply a max current about 500mA at least with no obvisous voltage drop. you could try to use a more stable source like a charger for phone or something. thanks.

Hey, montanerj!

I had the same challenge – how to use the GPRS shield on-the-go – not somehow attached to electrical grid.
I found out that the shield can be powered through the JST connector, using 7.4V LiPo battery (I had two 1000mAh 3.7V ones in series) or five AA 1.2V rechargable batteries (Eneloops to be precise), giving me 6.5V. I suspect that it could be done as well with four AA alkalines, but haven’t tried that yet.

Just one more thing – GND from the shield must be connected to GND on the Arduino!
I didn’t want to stack the shield on my Stalker, so I just connected D7 and D8 pins from the shield to the Stalker, and GND pin to GND on Stalker.
Without connecting GND pins, GPRS shield was accessible, but somehow all transmissions simply timed out.
I you put the shield on your Arduino, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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