Power supply from ESC

Hello, I’m new to arduino and hardware electronics stuffs. I have an ESC connecting to receiver from my RC car. The ouput voltage of the receiver from ESC is 5V. I want to connect from Xiao to receiver in order to control some LEDs functions from PWM receiver signal, can I power up XIAO using the 5V from the receiver? and how do I connect it correctly? Thanks for your help

Hi Hung_Nguyen

If that receiver has type-C port connect to XIAO that is fine.

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The receiver does not have a type-C port, it comes with 3 pins (Signal, +, -). I can only use those pins to connect to the XIAO but I’m not sure how to connect. Can I connect to the V-in and GND under the XIAO board? Also, if power input is 5v, the XIAO board will regulate down and output to 3.3V right?

I have attached the picture of the receiver

Hi Hung_Nguyen
If you just want to supply power to XIAO without data transfer, you just need use cable to connect to GND and VCCpin, then XIAO will work.

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Sorry I had a mistake, the input voltage from the receiver is 6v instead of 5v as I said, is it safe that I can use 6v input and plug in the Vin port on XIAO?

no, 5V is maximum, if the voltage over that the XIAO will break.

So why does this thread say that XIAO uses an XC6206 voltage regulator which has a maximum input voltage of 7V and a dropout voltage that could be as high as 680mV.

So you can feed between about 4V and 7V in to the VIN pad and it will step it down to 3.3V.

That means 6V will work fine?

sorry, I just check the datasheet, the maximum Vin is 9V
ok, 6V should be work fine.

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