Power supply for peripherals


I would like to connect a light sensor (TSL2561) to the RePhone GSM+BLE module, and was wondering if there’s a way to supply power to the light sensor (Vcc = 3.3V, max. 3.6V) from the GSM+BLE module which is itself running on battery.

In other words, does the GSM+BLE module output regulated power on any of the pins?

The breakout board only supplies the VBAT (and that can go up to 4.2V)
But the side pins provide 3.3V (by internal regulator) and As I experienced the 11 pin xadow connector also provides 3.3V
See below:
seeedstudio.com/wiki/File:Xa … erview.png

Thank you, dbelam.

What is strange is that right now I am using the side pins for V[size=85]bat[/size] (i.e. I have connected a 3.7V battery to the pin labelled V[size=85]cc[/size]), because I couldn’t find a battery with JST 1.0 connector and I had one with a large JST connector lying around. I always assumed they were just input pins!

So, if I use a proper battery (and connect it to the designated battery connector), I can get 3.3V regulated output on the side pins labelled V[size=85]cc[/size] and GND, right? I don’t have the breakout board right now, so this seems like my only option.

Thanks again!

Yes, As far As I know even with turned-off rephone the internal regulator provides power - of course this can lead to serious drain from battery!

Thanks a lot!! :smiley: