Power Maximums of Xiao outputs?

I can’t seem to power 3 3.3 volt relays from the outputs of the Xiao chip.
I am currently using D2, D9, D10 for the relays. The only other outputs are two LEDs on D1 and D3. My sketch runs perfectly on USB-C from a laptop, but multiple attempts to run from a 9v battery through boost P/S modules fails. What P/s modules do you recommend.

I have tried powering 5.1 volt supplies into both pins at 5V & GND and also the Vin and GND pads on the underside of the board. Seems to power both LEDs and the first two relays fine, but when the third tries to come on, all the relays drop out while the relay control board LED’s stay on.

You can’t power the relays DIRECTLY from SAMD21. Use transistors or buffer IC. Output current from the SAMD21 is shared between pins. check the chip datasheet.

I am using opto-isolated 3.3v relays. I can find no current specs on the one datasheet that I could find.

read above. I’m not sure how Seeed defined the DRVSTR bit for each pin.
It will be very HELPFULL if someone from Seeed actually chimes on this forum and enlighten us from time to time.

Thank you. I tried to reference the twovDatasheets links in the chain. They go no where.
Also how do I specify the DRVSTR state? In the pin definition?
Can you paste an example?
Thanks in advance.