Power limitations - sata power pins

does anyone know what is the maxum allowed current for the sata ports for 5V and for 12V on the ODYSSEY X86J4125? I can’t find any data. I’m using 12V 5A adapter as input, but I don’t know the internal DCDC converter capabiilities. Also are these three ports in parallel or separately fused / connected?

Thank you

OK, can anyonbe confirm?
I see, that the three SATA connectors are in parallel. The 12V supply line is powered by RT8509A 4.5A Step-Up DC/DC Converter, menaing that with the limitiations (5A input) it can provide maximum of 1.8A at 12V. The 5V line seems to be powered by WS4601 Current Limited, Power Distribution Switch capable of continuous current of 1A with limit 1.5A. These are maximum limits of the IC, but the question is still the capability of the input voltage regulator for the entire board.

Hi, Odyssey J41*5 internal power is a buck-boost structer. The SATA power ports can provide 5V/3A and 12V/2A total. If you connect two pieces HDD, we suggest 19V power adapter.

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