Power Issues XIAO

I have the following circuit connected to an XIAO. It works perfectly when connected to usb Power and the battery is disconnected. It will not output signal to pin 5 with 1 - the battery connected or 2 without USB power…
The length of LED Strip I want to control with this would pull way to much power through the XIAO so I need the external battery source.

Does the 5V battery have enough current capacity ? Is that really just a 5V battery or are there other components involved ? Also D5 is a 3.3V very low current (2-3ma) output. You say it works perfectly under USB power but is the LED strip out of the circuit then ?

Thank you for your post! Your questions made me question the battery. The battery was putting out 6.1 volts which I thought would be OK… I put in a 5V voltage regulator and it works perfect now. So the issue was to much voltage.
Thank you so much for the quick response!!!

Great ! 20 char pad here so as not to be unnecessarily verbose.

I absolutely love these boards BTW!
Thanks again!

Great sources of information. Adafruit has a great board too.