Power Down in a Safe Way

Hi, using the X86 board, we tested the different possibility to boot up the board, and that works fine with for instance USB C PD source like Yeti 200X ( Very big but for testing fine) battery powered UPS.
We have a Windows application IoT solution we run at Power On starts fine also with Auto Start in Windows. But we are struggling with the Power Down. How can we initialize a power down of the X86 board from the application for instance when power drops, ( still using the USB C power source).

+12V supply------( UPS device Yeti 200x)------USB C PD--------------X86 board

We would like to find a way to look for any signal or source to control our windows system to switch off instead of pure remove the USB C power in that case we will have issues with the file system next reboot and possible loose data. Any ideas are welcomed.

Also we are looking for a “micro UPS” to add in, instead of a large UPS device that can handle the shutdown, if we can find a way when main power is lost, that can support the board during boot down i safe way.

Hi @Developer100

Yes, i also do not suggest to just cut the power source to power the board down as we have tested before. It will boot into a recover screen which requires to use mouse to click to get pass.

The easier way will be to press the physical power button to shut down.

Did you also try the software methods to power off like shutdown -s?

Thanks, the installation is in vehicle for IoT projects. So would need the system to be independent from any interaction with the driver. So what we are struggling with is to find a way to:
-Boot when enter vehicle, could be done with Voltage input, by Ignition line and special box. OK done.
-Start application in Windows when Windows boot up-OK done
-When driver is leaving the vehicle, we need to find a way to take down the board and switch off the application, as we are monitoring the CAN bus we could potentially do some scripting based on the data, but not clear yet what and how to do this. In the end we like the system to work as a data logger complete standalone sending data with 4G to a server.
Did you also try the software methods to power off like shutdown -s ?-Yes we did. But then the board has to be manually restarted with the push button, and we like to have it complete automatic for the drivers.

The only way to power off the SBC is thru the physical power switch?

@Developer100 Odyssey have a co-processer base on Arduino IDE. You can make a sample code in co-processer to detect the 12V supply status. When 12V power lose, the co-processer will sent a signal to intel cpu to shut down the system.

This answer would be the best, but the PC doesn’t have an internal ups unit and therefore the whole system shuts down abnormally (even Arduino)…
Would be good to have some Mini UPS like PiJuce HAT (Raspberry version) https://www.sparkfun.com/products/14803.

@dario.cavada.lab You can add a powerbank(need support PD output) plug to the Type C port as a UPS. :smile: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hi @Developer100 @Bruce.Qin el al, I was interested in reading this and another thread about powering down the Odyssey motherboard using software in an automotive application. I agree that a UPS device would be needed, and have sourced a couple of solutions that will probably work (the M2-ATX being one).

However, I was wondering if anyone has solved the issues mentioned in this thread?