Power consumption and start-up time of 315MHz RF link kit


I’m currently planning on building a controller for motorized shades that can be activated wirelessly. I’d like to achieve a battery life time of ideally at least a year or longer. Since shades are typically opened and closed only once a day, I’m not so much worried about the power consumed by the motor than I’m concerned with the power needed to run the controller and RF receiver.

My current plan is to put the controller into sleep for most of the time. During this time the RF receiver is turned off using a MOSFET transistor. Periodically, say every 2s it will wake up, enable the RF receiver for some time, listen for a few ms, and if there is no signal, turn off. The transmitter would let’s say continously send a “Up” or “Down” signal for 2.5s when the user pushes a button.

So I’m missing two pieces of information (in general it would be great if you could provide a little more detailed spec sheet for the RF link kit):

  1. How much power (mA) does the RF link kit consume when powered by 4.5V?
  2. What is the start-up time of the receiver from the time it is provided with VCC (switched on) until it reliably delivers a signal?

Thank you very much,


Sorry, we don’t have that spec either.