Power Arduino UNO with Solar Charger Shield


I’m working on a simple project with Arduino for outdoor operation (the structure is floating in a big swimming pool)

In order to power the Arduino, I am thinking to use the following items:

  • Solar Charger Shield V2.2
  • LiPo battery 3.7V 1500mAh
  • Standard Solar Panel 6V 2.5W

I need to locate the Solar Panel in vertical position.
So, I think that it could be usefull to use two solar panels (180º apart from each other). In this way, I will can be sure that solar radiation is always focusing on the panel.

What do you think? Is this possible? Is there any way to connect two or more panels to the Solar Charger Shield V2.2?
How the solar panels have to be connected (in serial or in paralell)?

Awaiting your opinions or recommendations.


As per the electrical characteristics of the Solar Charger shield you cannot connect more than one solar panel.

Please refer the wiki page for solar charger shield for more information.

Thanks and Regards