Power a Seeeduino Stalker with a 6V lead battery

Good morning!

For my experimental weather station I’m planning to use an external battery (since the internal power regulator on the stalker cannot supply enough current to power the gprs shield in transmission - peak of 2A) with a solar panel.
To keep things simple it would be great to just power the seeeduino with the 6v output from the battery, but a fully charged 6V lead battery could arrive at 6,3V do you think this is a problem??

To use a power regulator would incurr in the same problem of the 2A peak current, requiring a big regulator and an annoying quiescence current.

Please help me!!


Hi , if you want to provide power to GPRS through stalker, you can connect a solar panel to stalker, and combine LIPO_BAT(+) to GPRS VBAT 4.1v ,and combine LIPO_BAT(-) to GPRS VBAT GND.

Please attention: The operation voltage of stalker is 3.3v , even thought it is charged by solar panel or battery. But your battery can get a 4.2v when it is used with solar panel.And if the sunshine is so bright,your battery only can be charged.

More detailed paramaters you can refer to our wiki.