Powah-1 and Powah-2

O.K. I will only post text now, but I though people would not be interested in widget talk without proof that my designs are legit and real products by way of photos and schematics. Oh well.

Powah-1, a .5" x .5" board module that fits on a breadboard, but can be used as a motion-control limit sensor, anti-tamper switch, etc. It can switch any CMOS signal, and draws nearly unmeasurable current in the quiescent state.

Powah-2, a .5" x .8" board module that also fits on a breadboard, can be used in similar applications, but has two additional features. One, it can switch up to 18V because of the matched complementary MOSFETS intended for beefy automotive applications. A barrier diode limits gate voltages to 5.1V for safety. Two, the button turn-on and turn-off times are different, also for safety. The example in the (soon to be posted) schematic sets a 100ms button on time, and a full 3s button off time.

I have calculated potential pricing based on the 4X parts cost rule-of-thumb, but I don’t know if that is (yet) appropriate here.

J.R. Stoner
Bifrost Development Group

Was it designed by you?

Could you show it more detailed?

Let’s see if the forum will let me do pictures…

Powah-1, front view:

Powah-1, back view:

Powah-1, schematic:

Powah-2, schematic:

I saw Powah-1 featured on Dangerous Prototypes a few weeks ago. This is the first time I’ve seen Powah-2. Both look to be useful and elegant designs, and glad to see you’re advancing them.

One question - why is the soft turn-off on Powah-2 so long (3 seconds)?

The diagrams helped me to understand things upto some extent.Still things are not clear in my mind.