Posting more than 1 digit to grove digital display

There doesn’t seem to be a Wio Link forum yet so posting in this one. I’m experimenting with the Wio Link and Grove Digital display (the one with 4 digits) There is an example on how to post a digit (using position and character) using restful API as per the screenshot attached. What I wanted to know was how could you post 4 digits in one API POST. E.g. 1234, not just 1.

Any help appreciated.

Hello Mark, did you get an answer to this yet? I have developed a Thermostat which uses the 4 digital digital display to display on all 4 digits and uses the “:’ in the middle. My project displays” “TT:HH” for measured temperature and humidity and “TTSS” for measured temperature and set point temperature. The second display is activated by an event push button. The displays are cleared after 20 secs and the wiolink is put to sleep to save power. See my proejct : Thermostat Final for details.



Please try another API "v1/node/Grove4DigitUART0/display_digits/[start_pos]/[chars]?"