possible user interface improvements

I’m using
sys v1.31
app v2.30

changing the volts per division will cause a change to the input stage, causing the signal to be distorted, I suggest there be a separate option to adjust zoom level (call it “adjust division size”)

all cursors, including the trigger threshold, currently stay where they are on the screen when you change the horizontal or vertical scaling. I’d rather they re-adjust their location according to the current scaling

the selected cursor should blink, that’d be nice

the option that is currently selected blinks, which is good, but when I scroll through options fast, I often don’t know what is currently selected during the blinking. So I suggest that the colour always go inverted when a new option is selected, I mean instantly instead of just using the blink timer. This would indicate which option is selected even if I’m scrolling really fast

You are the second person to report front-end scaling issues. There must be a problem here. If that problem is fixed, then your “adjust division size” option would be unnecessary.

Some more ideas:

  • A horisontal zoom_out-mode would be nice. Such as displaying full memory depth (every 15th sample, or so) on the screen when the scope is running and allowing a full 1:1 zoom_in when the scope signal is frozen. Preferrably a min-max graphic mode while zoomed_out.

  • More measurements (source range between time cursors):Period, Frequency, +width, -width, duty cycle, Vp-p, Vavg, Vrms

  • The current voltage calculations (full curve, not the ones @ the cursors) are currently useless on my unit due to heavy overshoot. A possibility to adjust this would be nice (or is ths possibilty already present at the trimmers in the battery compartment?).