Possible to remotely control Odyssey Mini PC to avoid plugging in monitor/keyboard?

I wanted to use as a firewall and possibly a server and some other instances, but I wouldn’t want to have to plug in a monitor and keyboard to use it at the BIOS level or to install an os, etc. I didn’t see any rs232 ports or IPMI, so was wondering if what I’m trying to do is possible?

Windows systems can also be connected remotely using ssh, and it can be controlled completely from the command line as long as bootup is set.

Thanks, but I was looking for control that would avoid using monitor and keyboard. I wouldn’t be remoting in via any software ran on the OS. I wouldn’t be using Windows either.

You can take a look at pikvm - access at bios level and mount drives remotely for installation

Thanks, but I have seen that product before and if I had to buy another product to accomplish it, I would be better off just buying something in the first place that supports what I am trying to do. The Odyssey Blue looked like a viable alternative to what I was looking at, but not without this ability.

I’ll cross it off the list for when I absolutely need or want this kind of control with it based on the application I am using it for.

ok. I am not familiar with your project so I might be on the wrong track. You are limiting yourself to devices that have that capability. With a pikvm or you can plug into any computer in the future. Would seem more flexible.

It does have usefulness, but any computer that I have around me physically has remote control capabilities like I describe, but I wanted to upgrade one of them, so using a pikvm for just one device would be silly when I can continue to get something that has it built in. This particular device I will be upgrading I rarely would need remote control for, but would prefer when needed. If for some reason, I opted for device without the remote control, I would just use a monitor/keyboard when needed as it’d be a waste of money to get something like a pikvm to rarely use it.