Possible minor H/W addition

Good day to all.

I’m wondering how open the folks at Seeed Studio are to listening to suggestions regarding possible changes to the DSO Nano hardware.

My first observation is that there is a nice RS-232 driver sitting there with its inputs and outputs not being used. I realize the main purpose of that chip is to supply power to the input op-amp but . . .

I see that the TX and RX lines for USART #1 are currently uncommitted. I have not yet looked at the PCB board layout but might it be possible to route the Tx & Rx pins (PA9, PA10) to the SP232? Same goes for PC10, PC11 (USART #3 alternate pins).

The RS-232 pins on the SP232 would just be brought out to pads for someone to make connections to if/when they needed.

Just a thought . . .


IF connected the USART #1 can be used for IAP - In Application Programming (FW Programming via Bootloader) to recover DSO Nano from wrong firmware programming.

I guess, USART #3, if available, however can be freely used as GPIO.

It’s a good idea … but now the DSO layout on the board which just 2layers, and it has not free space for more lines, now the GND trace is also not so perfect because there is really not more place for layout…

We all so want to add to two channels , but limited by the board .