Possibility on writing custom firmware for Grove Vision AI Module

Hello Seeed Team,

I’m thinking of doing some customized solutions by utilizing the onboard camera and accelerometer. But, your wiki pages only tell us how to use it with a co-processor like XIAO-series or via grove connector.

Is it possible for you to release documents (pinouts, which SDK to use, etc) on how to program the Himax ASIC directly?


Sorry, we have no plans to release such tutorials at this time.

Understandable. But is it possible for you to provide the schematics of the board?

are you talking about Grove AI Hat on K210 ?
it is very nice module - I was able to access accelerometer and 16bit ADC on it with C++ standalone SDK
if you google - you will find schematics for it easily

No, I’m talking about the new Grove Vision AI Module. I couldn’t find the schematics anywhere.

Well it all depends what you are trying to do. AI Hat probably can do same thing as AI Vision module or even better

I agree with that. I have been using K210 module for a little while and I am impressed by the capability of such module, but again, I’m really interested on this new module powered by BL702 and Himax ASIC.

I would love to provide you with information about it, including its schematic. But unfortunately I can’t. It is closely related to another product of our company, and it is a very important one. This dictates that Vision AI cannot be an open source product, so much about it is confidential.

Alright. Thanks for clarifying.