Polycaprolactone - An Amazing Material

have you ever heard of Polycaprolactone? It’s plastic that melts at 60°C, so you can actually put it into warm water to melt and you can make forms with your fingers without even needing gloves. You can melt it as often as you want to. It’s transparent when molten but white when it’s hard. You can add color (I heard food dye works fine) when it’s molten to color it. When it’s cold it’s a little elastic and very hard. You can drill it if you are careful to not get it too warm. All in all it’s great for tons of purposes. Oh, and it’s non-toxic.
Just wanted to tell you seeed-people about it, maybe you’ll consider selling it, too! :slight_smile:
Oh, I actually have a bag of that stuff home if you want me to try doing anything with it.