Polaroids From Space

Hello everyone,

I just completed a new project, Polaroids from Space. It’s my 5th and last High Altitude Balloon project. This time the flightcomputer were a lot of seed components, at the heart was the Seeeduino stalker, and some custom PCB’s from your Fusion PCB service. You can find all about the project here: polaroidsfromspace.com/
There’s a link on the website at ‘how’ that guides you to the code i had used for the launch, and the schematics, etc.


Wow, it’s amazing. :astonished:
But why that is the last one? We’d like to see more projects? Please let us know if you need any help from Seeed. :smiley:
We will add the link to the page of Stalker if you are ok about that.

Thanks for your sharing.