PoE HAT for Raspberry Pi 4B not working on some POE-sources


i have bought the Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) HAT for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ to power a Pi 4B.
The following POE Sources dosen’t work:

  • Cisco Meraki Enterprise MS320FP - no reaction
  • EdiMax PRO GP-101IT - short flash on the HAT

A cheap Cisco unmanaged 8 Port Swich works.

I have tested the original Raspberry POE HAT, some DSLR-KIT POE HATs and all are working with all my POE Sources.

Any Ideas ? The Seeed HAT ist the best Solution for me, bigger Fan, small height and the GPIOs not blocked.



What is the specific product? Can you provide the product URL?


Seeed Product: https://www.seeedstudio.com/Power-Over-Ethernet-PoE-HAT-for-Raspberry-Pi-4B-3B-p-4391.html

Switch: https://meraki.cisco.com/lib/pdf/meraki_datasheet_ms_220_320_only.pdf

POE Injector: https://www.edimax.com/edimax/merchandise/merchandise_detail/data/edimax/de/edimax_pro_accessories_poe_injector/gp-101it/

@jiachenglu Take a look at this problem.

Hi @kalleknall
At present, there are two different versions of Raspberry pi POE, some of the new version POE hat can’t power on Because the copper pillars affect the power supply, the copper pillars inside need to be replaced with nylon. If this is the case, please contact support@seeed.cc to resend the nylon column to you.


ok i have an old Version. Should i contact my reseller (https://www.distrelec.de/) or Seeed Studio directly ?

Hi, same here with the “new version”. RPi 4B doesn’t power on with a PoE compliant TP-link Ethernet switch (TL-SF1005P). RPi is OK when powered from USB-C and the switch is working fine (other PoE equipments are correctly powered when plugged on the same RJ45 port)