Please update OLED 128×64 schematic for version 1.1


I just purchased the OLED 128×64 with the intent to convert it to a 3.3V part. However, the schematic listed on the Wiki page is out of date and doesn’t match the parts on my version of the board. Please upload a new schematic. Thanks!

For what it’s worth, this is what I intend to do:

  1. Remove the two 5V pullup resistors from the SCL and SCK inputs.
  2. Bridge across the two level shifting transistors (pin 2 to pin 3)
  3. Bridge across the 5V input and 3.3V output of the LDO voltage regulator. (this part is different on V1.1)

I’m also intending to use it in a 3.3v environment, but I think that I’ll feed it 5V, but the 10k pullups on the I2C lines mean that it will only drive 200 microamps into a 3.3V output port, and this is normally allowed (the limit is often a milliamp or two).

I’m also looking for the physical dimensions of the board – it has to fit into a fairly small space, and I expect that I’ll have to make the PCB with a slot cut in the edge to make room for the PCB and the display in the case.

One response said that the board was 20mm by 40mm. However, I don’t think that this includes the mounting holes on the edges.