Please, I need help: only AC/DC mode..

Hi everybody
I was waiting long time to get this device and finally I received: I was very exited…
I connected wave out to chA, I got nice picture of sine, then started to play with switches:
what I have now:
1.for chA and ChB I have only AC/DC mode and that’s it-doesn’t go in chA/chB mode, voltage level i can change;
2.For chC and chD I do not have AC/DC mode and doesn’t go there, and I can not change voltage level;
3.I can not go trigger Mode.

Please, help me.

My device is:
DS203, Hardware version 2.70, Sys Ver 1.52, APP(plus A1) Ver 1.07


The DSO203 Quad has 4 channels A-D. Two of these A and B are analogue channels which means they have front ends where you can select the gain (voltage level) and the coupling mode (AC/DC). These then go into Analogue to Digital converters so that what you see on the screen represents the shape of the waveform on these channels. The C and D channels are digital logic level channels that are used to sample and represent digital logic levels (0 or 1) like a logic analyser channel. As such they have no extra front end to change the gain or AC/DC coupling. A voltage on these channels near 0V will be represented as a low (0) and a voltage near 3V will be represented as a high (1).

I am not sure what you mean by you cannot go into ChA/ChB mode or cannot go to Trigger mode.

It is also worth considering swapping the App to the community edition which many find better than the supplied software. It is easy to swap back if you want to.

Hi bobtidey,

Thank you very much for responding.
You wrote:
“I am not sure what you mean by you cannot go into ChA/ChB mode or cannot go to Trigger mode.”

I mean: when chA is blincking, with NavA I have only Couple (AC/DC) Mode.

#Action “Press” of Navigator A changes the submenu of CHA Control menu as follows:
Show mode(CH(A)/HIDE)-> Couple mode(AC/DC-) ->Vol sensitivity (50mV-l0V)-> YPOS Select mode.#

Above text is from manual and NavA shows only couple mode. Same for ChB

It is quite a long time since I used the standard software as I switched to the community software which in my view is much better.

My recollection is that with the standard software you had to press vertically down on the toggle buttons to perform that action and that was quite fiddly although it did work. Those toggles have a three way action; toggle left, toggle right, or press vertically down. It is the press down which is a bit fiddly. Are you saying that pressing down does nothing and you are stuck in just AC/DC mode? If so then it is either that you are not pressing vertically down which has to be done quite firmly or that possibly you have a broken switch, but that is less likely.

One of the benefits of the community software is that there is much less reliance on the vertical push of these switches. So, for example, to move between sub-menus one uses the triangle big button which is much easier.

I encourage you to try the community software replacement as it makes the scope much easier to use. It is very easy to do and also easy to revert back to the standard software.

Yes, I’m just stuck in AC/DC mode, switch is good I’m sure and I’m pressing firmly too, because I can change Vol sensitivity.
Do you think that, calibration has to do something with this problem?
I did not calibrate scope, but as I said, first time I saw sine on this scope, means scope worked,
and when I was playing with switches may be I change calibration and now I have what I have?!
Since I’m not familiar, what is standard and community software and how to change this, I would appreciate, if you give me instructions how to make this change.
regards tdvali

I doubt whether calibration affects that.

For community app look at the thread in this forum called Community App. There are a lot of posts there but the first one points you to the software to load.

The dso wiki … _community has instructions on how to load new software. It’s very simple you just turn on the scope with the left hand button pressed. That put’s in it update mode. You connect it via the USB to a PC and it behaves like a disc drive. You then just copy the app and sys hex files into that drive. I do them one at a time. The scope sees the new file, updates itself and renames the file. You shouldn’t need to do the FW file as I think you have the right one already.