Please help with calibration

Hello all,

I recently received a new DSO Quad (hardware v2.60). Can someone please walk me through the exact calibration steps? One main point of confusion is how to save after calibrating. I’m fairly new to electronics, mostly experimenting with simple audio circuits.

The manual is very difficult to understand. I appreciate the effort put into the wiki, but it obviously still needs a lot of work. For example, the page on calibration is empty. When I search for information on calibration, it seems some pages only talk about the software calibration, and some talk about hardware calibration.

What I have done: I updated the sys to 1.50 and the app to 2.50. I did not update the FPGA or anything else, as I believe I already have the latest (although I cannot find a way to confirm this). I do have a good digital multimeter, and I’ve built a circuit that gives me good voltage references from 250mV up to about 25V. I have tried the software calibration for channel A, but I don’t believe my calibration was saved. Am I supposed to “re-confirm calibration”? Do I need to calibrate channel B at the same time? Do I select the save calibration option? Do I need to press the calibrate or preset hardware button? This is very confusing to me.

Also, how do I confirm calibration?

And for good measure, if you’ve made it this far, what effect do changes to V1/V2 and T1/T2 have? I can see the lines moving on the screen and the deltas changing, but why would you want to change those?


Take a look at topic “How to Calibrate the DSO Quad”


The problem I found initially was that the calibration procedure does not exactly correspond with written docs. But, this is a new gadget, so it is understandable that it will take a while to settle down.

Anyone working on an FFT for this device?