Please FIX THE FORUM! AUTO-LOGIN + more things don't work!

Hello. There are a couple of things need to be fixed with the forum:

  • Auto-login never worked and does not work with any browser! Firefox, Chrome, even IE.
  • When you login it doesn’t bring you back to the thread you were on. It goes to the main page…sucks
  • Also for some threads i get no email notification when a reply is posted - i checked my spam folder and the thread setting

Kind regards


I have forwarded your request to Forum Admin. They would contact you soon.

Thank you for writing to us.


I’d also say that:

  1. forum registration process is very unclear: “register” button leading to bazaar registration form. And I’ve not got my forum account even after successful login to bazaar, but accidentally got this account with strange login (isn’t it possible to change it, btw?) kinda accidentally: either after I wrote to feedback thing at the bottom, or after I added my account information to bazaar account.

  2. logging to bazaar in Firefox 41.0.2 doesn’t work (while do work in chromium, and while logging to the forum do work even in same Firefox).


And, once again, how can I change that autogenerated forum login to my nickname, that I specified on registration on bazaar?

They still haven’t fix the damn AUTOLOGIN. Latest chrome and firefox doesn’t work. Everytime i get an email notification i have to go log in, and of course it doesn’t remember the damn topic/post the link had when you clicked - it brings you to the home page so you have to go to the email again and click the damn link! PLEASE FIX IT!