Please do not merge DSO Nano and Quad forums!

I can’t believe what I am seeing: The Quad and Nano forums have been merged to “DSO serials”. Both forums had plenty of activity. Now it is getting even more difficult to find information and track discussions :angry:

Do you want us to go somewhere else?

We will rewind that!!

we try to re-organize the forum to make it more clear and easy to tracking, but as lack of experence on forum managing, we mergered the DSO Quad and DSO Nano into “DSO Serials” without notifying users. this may lead to some communiate confusions. :angry:
have rewinded the DSO Quad and DSO Nano forums plate.

In fact , we just want to make our forum more convenient…
Don’t be so angry, our mistake was made out of good intentions…

I am glad you are listening to the community and I am relieved that you were able to revert the merge. Look, I am smiling again -> :slight_smile:

Warning the users up front and asking for their suggestions is a good thing!