Please consider adding ZL-272 to OPL

手腕板 is a kind of de-facto standard in China for USB design.

For example, a company 广东中连精密工业有限公司

offers some parts for 手腕板 design.

Those parts are attractive for us (not in China), because it’s not available at Digikey or Mouser.



Also, we can find ZL-272 at:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1acfddT3zK”></LINK_TEXT>

It would be good if you can add those parts in OPL.

Thank you for your suggestion Gniibe. Recently, no other customers have requested this component or but if there is sufficient interest we can look into adding this to the OPL.

Everyone else, please vote for this component if you would be interested in using it in the Seeed PCBA service.

Thank you,