Please add GD32F103TBU6 to OPL

Giga Device GD32F103 is very good, but unfortunately it is not available at Digikey or Mouser.

Perhaps, it’s only available in China???

It can be a replacement for STM32F103.

Could you please add GD32F103 series (specifically, I use 36-pin QFN version, GD32F103TBU6) to OPL?

I can find it at:

Hello Gniibe, thank you for your suggestions. This has given us a good idea. Recently, no other customers have requested this component or but if there is sufficient interest we can look into adding this to the OPL.

Everyone else, please vote for this component if you would be interested in using it in the Seeed PCBA service.

I think we could make the forums a platform for gathering feedback on what components people would like added to the OPL. Then we can compare it to actual usage data and determine whether if it would be a valuable addition in the next update.

Thank you for the idea Gniibe, and keep the suggestions coming. In the meantime, I will look into making a separate forum for this.

I heard of GD32F103 at FOSDEM this February.

I was informed about this article:

For me, it was difficult to get the chip (I am in Japan). So, I asked my friend in China, and finally got the chip.

Then, I modified my firmware to support the chip (the firmware is originally written for STM32F103).

Now, I ordered my own PCBA to Fusion PCBA using GD32F103TBU6. I believe more people want to use GD32F103.

It’s fast and cheap.