Plated through holes and KiCAD

The first PCB I ordered here was one-sided and created with Fritzing and it turned out great.

For my next one, I’m using KiCAD and it will be double-sided. Are through-holes plated automatically when there’s a trace going to both the bottom at the top of a hole and for vias? Or would I need to solder both the top and the bottom of the lead going through the hole?

Also, does the plating reduce the size of the hole? In other words, should I make the holes a bit bigger if there’s a trace going to both sizes of it? If so by how much?

Thanks all,

Seeedstudio rocks!

The holes are plated automatically when you have copper on both sides of the hole and the factory adjusts the size of the hole to compensate for the plating so you just specify the desired size like 0.8 mm and it will be that size regardless of thru-plating or not.

Perfect – thank you! :sunglasses: