Pixel Ring problems with 6 mic array

Hello to all! We are trying to get the pixel ring working. When launching respeaker_4mic_array.py the command “from pixel_ring import pixel_ring” throws 3 errors. Falling back from rpigpio: no module named “RPi”, from rpio: No module namend “RPIO” and from pigpio "No module called “pigpio”.

Inspite of these errors, sometimes this example file runs for some seconds brfore it crashes, leaving the entire pi unresponsive.

When running the example script on a python console step by step, the command “power.on()” always crashes the pi.

As I said, when starting the demo script, mostly the pi crashes completely. Sometimes it flashes before crashing, sometimes it runs for some seconds.

To exclude power problems we hoked a 100uF and a 1000uF capacitor to the +5V line, but this did not help.

Any help appreciated, we already bought 10 units and looking forward to buy much more…

Thank you

Olaf Breuer.

Problem solved here. It simply was a lack of understanding the virtual environment and how python and its files have to be installed there.