PIR Motion sensor module

Hi All,
I’m new here, just made my first purchase, a PIR Motion sensor module.
Now I want some product documentation, how do I get it?
In particular I want an output current specification but was hoping to find a proper datasheet.
If anybody can help, please do.
If not, I’ll come back and post what I can find on my own (if anything).

try this one:http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/Proximity/SE-10.pdf

Thank you Seeedstudio-Fan, it’s a start.

I’m looking for output characteristics like impedance, maximum sink current, switching speed, etc.

Thanks Again,

It is an easy ready to use module, you just power it by VCC and GND, it will output pulse on the data pin. Just try :wink:

What for is the jumper?
I have tried it with jumper on high and on low, but it has no effect.
Can anyone please describe me what it is good for.

I have the same question as negindi.
I cannot see any difference, when I change between LOW and HIGH

thx and best regards from Hamburg