Pins on Xbee shield


Im having a hard time figuring out what the pins on the on the Xbee Shield v1.1 are corresponding to on the Xbee. Im refering to the both the male and female pins in the picture below. I tried several mails to support, but they just dont seem to understand my fairly simple question. Could someone help me? For ease of explanation, lets say that the left pin in the picture below is pin 1

Thank you for lifting the issue here. Do you mean the two 23 female pin and one 18 male pin in the picture?

I checked with Albert that he has replied you on these. Your further explanation of the question is appreciated, sorry for our weak English.

the male pins are how you connect this to a seeeduino or other arduino family board.

the female pins offer different interfaces. i would guess ISP and UART. see the seeeduino pic

#9 and the header right beside it.

is that what you were asking?

here its attached to the seeeduino mega using those male header pins

Im not asking how to place it on the board, but what both the 1x8 male and the 2x8 (mine only has the one on the left) corresponds to on the Xbee. Which pin is the 5v, the Tx, the Rx etc.?

so you require the pin-out right?

the tx and rx pins should correspond with the tx and rx on the seeeduino.

i dont have that xbee shield so i am not sure, but you should be able to follow the traces.

perhaps someone from seeedstudio could chime in with the exact pin-out because i dont actually have a shield on me right now.