Pins int1 and int2

In the rephone pinout it labels the six pins on the right: gnd, int1, int2, vcc, SCL and SDA. Could int1, int2, SCL and SDA be used as GPIO?

Hi bobbiy,

yes the int1,int2 SCL and SDA can be used as GPIOs.

Please refer to the following schematic:

For more info about the module schematics you can find at resources of Xadow GSM+BLE

How could I use these pins in the arduino IDE? If I upload the blink sketch with pin 13 it doesn’t work.

Hi Bobbiy,

check the topic I just posted. Access the GPIO Pins based on Different IDEs

Thanks! I’ve got int2, SDA and SCL working with the blink sketch. But int1 isn’t working for some reason. I tried the blink sketch with the pin number 0 and E1 but they both don’t work.

OK, here is an example which I just tested based on Arduino IDE for RePhone Kit. Make Sure your firmware is updated to the Arduino IDE for RePhone Version

[code]#define PIN_INT1 E2 //GPIO18
#define PIN_INT2 E1 //GPIO13
#define PIN_SCL 6 //GPIO43
#define PIN_SDA 7 //GPIO44

void setup()
pinMode(PIN_INT1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(PIN_INT2, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(PIN_INT1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(PIN_INT2, LOW);
digitalWrite(PIN_SCL, HIGH);
digitalWrite(PIN_SDA, LOW);
digitalWrite(PIN_INT1, LOW);
digitalWrite(PIN_INT2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(PIN_SCL, LOW);
digitalWrite(PIN_SDA, HIGH);