Pin functions - Small e-paper shield v2.1

Hello. I am trying to use the small e-paper shield ( with a non-arduino development board (mbed platform). I want to manually connect the the shield’s pins to my board’s pins, but I have no idea which pins on the shield do what. Is this documented somewhere? I am looking for a mapping somewhere along the lines of: “D0: PANEL ON, D1: PWM, D2: SDA, D3: SCL, …” etc. (I made these numbers up, but you get the idea).


I got an answer from seeedstudio support, here it is for reference:

Arduino <------> E-paper D2 <------> M_EPD_PANEL_ON D3 <------> M_EPD_BORDER D4 <------> M_/SD_CS D5 <------> M_EPD_PWM D6 <------> M_EPD_/RESET D7 <------> M_EPD_BUSY D8 <------> M_EPD_DISCHARGE D9 <------> M_/WORD_STOCK_CS D10 <------> M_/EPD_CS A0 <------> M_TEMP_SEN A1 <------> M_OE123 A2 <------> M_CKV A3 <------> M_STV_IN 5v <------> M_VCC_5V 3.3v <------> M_VCC_3V3 ICSP port <------> M_MOSI , M_SCK , M_MISO

great! :smiley:

Are above signals required to connect to the e-paper shield ?
While i checked the schematic and the product datasheet (2.0" e-Paper Panel … -1595.html), i can not find above signals input to e-paper panel device. So, i think that these signals can be omitted to connect to the shield. But i can not make sure.

If you have a knowledge about it, please tell me.

Hi, those pin was reserve for a higher version of epaper, it’s useless yet.

Thanks a lot !