Pictures - Learning the dso quad, component testing

Hook up two resistors(1k, 10k) to the internal function generator

1k resistor
10uf capacitor


capacitor 3.3uf
capacitor .22uf
capacitor .027uf

I’m trying to replicate what you did in this thread, but I don’t seem to have the X_Y plotting mode available on my DSO quad. What version of the firmware are you using?

Marco Sinatti’s firmware has an X-Y mode and some other good feature (like disabling the long buffer). He writes that it is not compatible with newer FPGAs but I haven’t noticed any problem (of maybe I should say any problem I didn’t already have with the originial firmware). I have asked on the forum but I didn’t get any answer (like usual on the DSO Quad forums).

Look at


I just loaded Pedro Simoes’ latest firmware on my DSO Quad (like many features), but I am trying to understand how to USE X-Y mode and am not having much luck figuring it out/finding documentation. It is my understanding that this is based on Marco’s 1.8 firmware which should include the X-Y stuff which was implemented in version 1.7.

I have gone to Marco’s site and viewed it in English, and all I can see is the release note that indicates that it is there in 1.7.

Is there a pointer to this, or a simple description that someone can provide? I apologize if this seems a stupid question, but google and searching these forums has not turned up much mention of this feature outside of this thread.

Never mind, I should have looked more closely at the pictures above. I see now that it is set in the trigger mode menu.