Picovoice - Seeed 4 Mic Array


I recently purchased a 4 mic array for my rpi 4. I have been trying to get Picovoice or Snowboy set up for about a month and I am really stuck with it.

I followed the guide on the Seeed Wiki for the Rpi and 4 mic array setup.

The issue is that when I run picovoice, nothing at all is detected when I say it, however if I play audio on my tv which the HDMI cable is plugged into, then it will detect that instead.

I’ve tried changing the /boot/config.txt file, the settings in raspi-config and none of it is working.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Sam1
Have you downloaded all the driver and test each function on you Pi 4?
The HDMI cable should not affect the voice record.
Also please check your SD card is not a counterfeit one.
if it is not, please reinstall the OS then try again.

Best regards