Photon base shield and GROVE temp & humidity sensor .. ¿Analog or digital interface?

Hi everyone, I’m creating my first IoT project and I chose the Photon as my platform to develop the prototype.

I’m working with GROVE sensors and with a Particle Photon Base Shield.

One of my sensors is the Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro(AM2302).

I readed the wiki section:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Sensor_Pro”></LINK_TEXT>

And it says: Signal pin mode: digital. Also, below (In the Arduino section) you can read too:

“Step 1. Connect Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro to port D2 of Grove-Base Shield.”

So I thought it was a digital sensor; but in the bag of the sensor there is a sheet of characteristics and it says that it’s an analog sensor.

so … ¿Where should I connect the sensor? A digital interface or an analogic one?

Thanks a lot.


AM2302 is a digital sensor. It should be connected to the digital interface.

It includes a capacitive moisture sensing element and a high precision temperature measuring element, and is connected with a high performance 8-bit microcontroller. It communicates with the outside via ONE-WIRE.

AM2302 pin assignment:

1. VCC




Hi there,

It is digital sensor. We will check the package with product manager and update if it is wrong. thanks for pointing it out. thanks,


Thanks a lot for your support.