phone charging interferes with amfm radio reception..

Hi Folks…

Looking for some tech advice… I have, what seems to be, a very common problem, but surprisingly I cant seem to find a clear simple solution.

Be forewarned… I am not a techy… I know just enough to be dangerous.

When I plug a phone into a 12VDC to 5VDC USB charger, my AM/FM radio reception goes bad.

This happens, both, in my vehicle and at a cabin, where we use 12V batteries for lighting and a car stereo…(so its not vehicle related)

My google research tells me that it is because most cheap USB chargers use SMPS technology, which creates Hi Frequency interference…

Sounds simple… So what is the alternative? A Linear Power supply of some sort?.. Install filters or shields of some sort?

If the LInear power supply idea is valid… Would this Seeeds product be worth a try? 313080006 Not sure if it is “Linear” or not??

Based on my google searching… This seems to be a very common problem…Yet no common solution… If the charger technology is truly the problem, Id think there would be “Radio Friendly” car chargers being advertised?

Any advice will be appreciated…

Thanks for your help,