Phase Measurement?

Hi All,

I just got my Quad in the mail today and I’m going through the measurements, but I don’t see a measurement for phase. I bought this with hopes of doing my labs at home.

Phase is a measurement between two signals and as far as I know that is not provided automatically by any of the software versions.

For it to be a static measurement the two signals need to be of the same frequency. A typical example would be an AC power supply voltage and the corresponding AC current as measured across a shunt resistor.

It is fairly easy to obtain it manually. You just measure the frequency (or period) of the signal and the time difference between corresponding points on the two waveforms using the vertical cursors. The phase would then be deltaTime * 360 / period (expressed in degrees).

In principle the software could show calculation as a phase measurement after you set the cursors but I don’t think that exists.

You could also code a Pawn script which would do phase measurement automatically by scanning the buffers for the two waveforms for say zero crossing points and then doing the sums.