Personal server deployment - docker or lean local server

Just curious if anyone has the Server Deployment Guide working? I followed the steps carefully, have the apache proxy setup, can actually use the REST API to create a user, list, etc, but the Android app will not communicate with it when set to ‘Custom’ instead of ‘International’.

Running the lean local server I think it logged a ‘404’ not found when the Android App attempted to connect.
The Android App just reports a server error.

Hi cswiger,

Upon double checking with our app developer, we found that android app connects custom server address at ip-address:8080. And in the guide we recommended to block the 8080 port in firewall. That’s a problem in the alignment of our engineers. We’ll fix this in next android release.

For now, the workaround is to unblock port 8080 in firewall.

ps: lean server can only be used as the exchange server, it will not serve the login or list commands etc. So that’s why you get 404 error.

Hi cswiger,

Thank you for your feedback.

The version 2.1.3 of android can updated now. Change custom server url is https.