Permanently store 8MB of sensor data


I need to permanently store incoming sensor data so I can later read them to my Mac as a CSV. What would be an easy way to do this? 4-8MB should be enough.
I already use the SPI for the display, and I need some way to store it without slowing down my real-time-application. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

New to all of this, so just asking for basic advice before starting in the wrong direction.


SD card, 8MB…
SDfat file system write…
Hmmm. Idunno?
GL :-p

For ease, an SD card with SPI connection is recommended, but it depends on the interval and amount of data.
Every how many milliseconds?
How many bytes of data?
For example, with 32MHz SPI, “file_open → write 64 bytes → file_close” takes about 30mS.

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@msfujino sorry I just opened a new thread for this: XIAO nrf52840 SD-card and SPI-display