PCBs larger than 20cm


I have a PCB, 211x135mm that I would like to have made. The largest size you offer for your service is 20x20cm. (It’s large because it holds several big LED 7-segment displays, for a clock).

Can you make this board and if so how much for 10?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Yes, we cand help to make. The reason we don’t offer the service for size over 20cm * 20cm is because the big size is easy to break during the fabrication. However, I think your design is Ok to make. You can buy a 20cm *15cm and send the files to us.

Thanks, it worked out fine.

Hi, i have a PCB design also a bit larger - 21.6 x 21.6 cm can is it still possible to do ?


You can send your designs to pcb@seeedstudio.com before placing the order. And we will evaluate and get back to you if we can do it.