PCBA - Orientation of parts

I’m very new to PCB design, and am considering using Seeedstudio’s PCBA service for the production of a PCB I’m currently working on in Eagle. One question I’m wondering about though after looking at the BOM-template: how does Seeedstudio know how to orient the parts? What’s the critical piece of information here that will ensure that I don’t end up with parts placed incorrectly so the PCB won’t work?

Hello, welcome to the forums and to PCB design in general.

The component footprint of polarized components will typically have some kind of indication drawn in the silkscreen legend that corresponds to a feature on the body of the component itself. For example, rectangular IC packages may have a little notch or a dot on one corner. This notch or dot is also printed on the silkscreen.

If this information is missing, then it may result in incorrect orientation. But if the assemby team notices this then they’ll contact you to confirm it.